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Imagine, if you can, sitting down and writing a 200 word review on the latest movie to hit the cinema!  What would you right?  Would the review include a sub-topic penned with true emotions and feelings experienced by yourself?

Everyday, The DVD Archive and its staff work towards completing their DVD Reviews, even though sometimes the finished pieces are uploaded some time later.  But, once a review is uploaded we stand by our Reviews, and will never change them unless crucial alterations needed to be done.

The following pages are the Reviews of The DVD Archive Team, respectively.  The comments and views written are the opinions of many, if not all, and in tradition to the United Kingdom’s Freedom of Speech right, we pen that of our criticism, approval, satisfaction, hate or loathing of any or all DVD Titles.

As every care is taken not to offend Cast members, their Director’s or Producers, The DVD Archive cannot made any promise, nor make any leeway to promote any production which does not deserve it.  As we write all our reviews from each viewed product, we would like to think that they are as accurate as the production creators would want us to believe.

Anyone wishing to submit a review of their own for upload onto The DVD Archive, then please forward them on to us at and we will let you know when (if accepted) the review will be uploaded.

Good luck and enjoy the Blog.

© Marcus Kasabian De Storm 2010.

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