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DVD/BluRay News

DVD/BluRay News

The war of the giants won and lost and won again, especially where Discs were concerned.  With leading companies releasing newer versions of Sound & Vision, only one format would survive the possibility of becoming High Definition or a former contradiction!  It was as simple as arranging a release date for HD from normal DVD’s, as was with BluRay – although at first, the salesmen were split between the two excellent quality viewing.

Many people still remember the DVD Player, right?  The common element with the DVD Player was that you could play several more things on them, while the HD-DVD Player’s you are limited.  Not as limited as the old VCR, which had millions of people gripped in buying frenzies as soon as the new Nicam Stereo versions became available on the market.

From an outside perspective on the climbing success of “Audio & Video” formatted product’s, I found that BluRay has taken off really nicely, except for the grumbles of the masses on the high-priced Players and Recorders.  Even when they slyly pass them down to Bargain Retailer’s like Tesco, Asda, Poundstretcher, Argos or Morrison’s, we still feel the pinch of an expensive cheaper brand.  Not that there is anything wrong with cheaper brands, because if it wasn’t for these sometimes pisspotticle named players, the chances are you wouldn’t be seeing the top brands being sold on the High Street.

The DVD Archive is all for fairness and equality, as well as various other things, like the firm belief in Bargain Hunting.  The last LCD TV we bought, was priced at £250 lower than only twelve months ago, which to me sounds a bit wrong to the consumer.  I hope to bring together the huge gap which exists today, one that may surprise other people and make them think a little about what you’re going to do the next time you go out and buy something that will be “Next Year’s Price” today!  Interesting?  Yes, very much.  Just run that last part by me again?

DVD/BluRay News, isn’t just a category that takes you into the bowels of sales and rep speel!  Hell no!  We’re The Archive that is pretty much Hardcore when it comes to “Audio & Visual” equipment, but definitely 90% dedication is in Films, TV and Music.  The core experimental project of The DVD Archive, is to acquire, present and progress to a wide enough audience, where once that audience rested upon other Sites, Channel’s or Blogs.  The DVD Archive is an associate of The MKDS Network, and as so, Multi-Media is our forte.  With dedicated Team Members viewing, reviewing and investing time into finding the best Films, TV Shows and Music Orientated features, we believe that in the next few months, The DVD Archive will be a great success and become a much-loved BlogSpot for many people.

What We Are Offering:

The DVD Archive cannot share any knowledge which may be subject to either illegal or a felony anywhere around the globe.  As there are rules and laws out there, and of these rules and laws we know already, it would be hypocritical of us to break them.  What we can do, is work around them as far as we possibly can to give you the most secure data and information we have.

We will supply a LINKS page which will give you information on where to get the lowest priced quality Hardware, Software, Storage and Audio/Visual stock.

We will supply a LINKS page which will give you a better chance of purchasing Films, TV Shows and other Digital Media far cheaper than any shop you care to name.

We will supply a LINKS page which will give you the latest Exclusive releases before they hit the shops [XBox 360 Slim on main page for instance], which is something of a cliché idea when you think that this is just a DVD Review Blog and not a Company trying to sell you something that you don’t want.

We will supply a page that reviews the best DVD-5 +/-, DVD-9 and BluRay Blank Discs on the market.

With a massive collection of movies and enough future releases to take our reviewers into the next Millennium, we hope that we can adopt a mutual trust which will never be broken, but for the time when a visitor believes we are not up to speed or working at 110% to bring Bargains to the forefront.  This will never happen.

Thank you for choosing The DVD Archive.

© The [MKDS] Network. 2010.

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