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Every now and again, there are the occasional postings of “Star Profiles” to our local “Niche Sites” – most cases these are International sites that bring in the most “Hits” and “Exposures. The DVD Archive “Star Profiles” are no better or less informative than these that you see on the “Niche” sites, but they are equal to none.

All across the board, from Storm Multi-Media Technologies, The DVD Archive, The Comedy Club and many other wesites, blogs and conduits, the “Star Profiles” will pop up every now and again for the interested readers to view and to Rate as well as Comment on. Here, we take “Profiles” very seriously – serious enough to include everything that the viewer wishes to know about the Actor or Actress; Real names, birthdays and mini Biographies. Most importantly, we throw in the Filmography and other little tit-bits, too, so that the viewer feels a little more enlightened.

We can say with honesty that all the information that you will find on The DVD Archive is true and up to date – or to a point where the information is as far as we know it ourselves from “Deep Source”. We hope you enjoy the “Star Profiles” and those viewing them will take some time (A couple of seconds to Rate, Comment and/or Subscribe).

© Marcus De Storm 2011

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