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As complete as we can it [Which is separated by a pretty damn fine line], this is the Complete Filmography of the one and only London Cockney, who can bring in the spondulies, and raise the blood pressure of any female with a pulse on the entire planet!  Danny Dyer, the one that Shirley from Eastenders let slip in The Business, and, of course, Gillian Anderson, who had her wicked way with in Straightheads, has made a lot more films than what we are led to believe on from many WebZines.  I am of course talking about IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and The Film Reel, to mention the most infamous.

Here at The DVD Archive, we pride ourselves on providing information, whether it is considered irrelevant or crucial.  We believe that the Freedom Of Information is for everyone, not just the tabloids, who in their wisdom have almost crucified him over his personal habits.  Not dwindling on the subject, we can say that the majority of Actor’s, Actresses, TV Host’s and various other celebrities, have at one time or another partaken in the use of Cocaine!  Not surprising that whisper’s of the “Conspiracy Theory” has indeed played it’s part in this man’s life.  Whatever the reason’s, we’re sure that Danny will show the world that he is one of the best British Actor’s the world over, and a prosperous career will never fail for him.

Before we give you his complete Filmography, we would like to share with you [who don’t know how many films and programs that he has featured in] the information that we were able to find on the Internet about this classy actor.

Name:  Danny Dyer (I)

D.O.B:  24th July, 1977

Height: 6′ (1.83m)

Danny Facts:

His favourite football team is West Ham United.

Has 2 daughters, Dani (born 1996) and Sunnie (born 2007), with his girlfriend, Joanne Mas.

He has been with his girlfriend, Joanne Mas, since the age of fourteen.

Danny Dyer was born in Canning Town, east London, UK on 24th July 1977. Danny was spotted at his local Sunday School, by an agent who auditioned him for the part of Martin Fletcher in the Granada Television series Prime Suspect 3 (1993) (TV). At the age of 14 he was given the part and found himself working alongside Helen Mirren. Danny went through a quiet patch in terms of work coming in but after a few notable appearances in “Thief Takers” (1996) and “Soldier Soldier” (1991), the film, TV and theater work came flooding in making him one of the most sought-after London-based actors. As well as his film and TV work he has also appeared on stage in London and New York.


The Asphyx (Released 2011)

Producer Jonathan Sothcott dropped us a line today regarding the remake of Peter Newbrook’s 1972 classic The Asphyx as well as the first word and concept art for the next film on the burner, The Sorcerers. Dig it!

With regard to The Asphyx Sothcott says, “Essentially, last week my partner, Billy Murray, and I sat down with writer/director Matthew McGuchan and ripped our story apart in order to put it back together again and make the film we really want to. What we had been (like the original) a personally motivated version of Frankenstein – and while it was a quality piece of writing, it wasn’t quite what we want to give audiences. The Asphyx is a film I want to be judged on – I’m really proud of some of the others, but this one needs to be the special one. Where we are now is having Dr. Christina Swann in a hospital trying to isolate the soul … when she meets Daniel, a young paramedic who can see spirits as they leave the body … and together they embark on a terrifying journey into the supernatural. Matthew’s busy writing the new draft now, and I guess we’re looking at first quarter of 2011 to film, once Danny Dyer has finished Age of Honour. I want this project to be special for Danny and for the incomparable Alison Doody. I’m forever reading on the Internet that she turned down everything from Basic Instinct and Carlito’s Way to Batman and Robin and Lord of the Rings. I want Asphyx to be a film that deserves Alison.

Sothcott continues, “Once Matthew finishes the next draft of The Asphyx, he moves on to an even more daunting remake – The Sorcerers. This was always one of the most compelling and intelligent 60s Brit horror films, hamstrung by a budget of about fifty bucks. The idea of the old living vicariously through the young is utterly brilliant, and this will be an amazing vehicle for Danny Dyer in which he can show the huge range I know he has as an actor. In an ideal world I’d almost like to get these two shooting back-to-back in 2011.”

Devil’s Playground (Released October 2010)

The teaser art for the next zombie themed epic coming out of the UK, Black and Blue Films’ Devil’s Playground, has come our way; and it’s void of floating heads, pensive looking teens, and all the rest of the cliché horseshit we’re spoon-fed here in the States.

Devil’s Playground stars Craig Fairbrass as Cole, a hardened killer searching for a cure to the illness causing a zombie apocalypse across the globe that is also slowly turning him into one. Danny Dyer, Colin Salmon, Sean Pertwee, Lisa McAllister, Alistair Petrie, Jaime Murray, Shane Taylor, Craig Conway, MyAnna Buring, and Del Henney, whom you may remember as one of the villains in Straw Dogs, all co-star. Mark McQueen is in the director’s chair.

One of the best things about Devil’s Playground is the cast,” says producer Jonathan Sothcott. “In Craig Fairbrass I have the best action guy in the country – Craig does on-screen carnage like nobody else – he’s a bigger, rawer Jason Statham, and I’m very lucky to be doing so many of his movies. In Danny Dyer we had one of the hottest stars in the country. Danny is my generation’s Michael Caine – a truly great screen actor. I also had three of the most beautiful and talented girls in the movie game – MyAnna Buring (The Descent), Lisa McAllister (Dead Cert), and Jaime Murray (Dexter) – they all give terrific performances.

Mark McQueen, the director, is an incredibly talented guy. He’s just turned 30, and that’s hard to believe because he’s so skilled and such a mature filmmaker,” Sothcott continues.

The zombies in the film are played by UK parkour movement specialists Urban Freeflow so they’re not just fast — they move in a very cool, very inhuman way.

Look for the film to have its world premiere at the Gorezone Film Festival on October 3rd.


Gunned Down (in production)

2011 Catwalk (pre-production)
The Photographer (rumored)

2011 The Stolen (pre-production)

2011 Guns of the Dead (pre-production)
Alfonse (rumored)

2011 The Asphyx (pre-production)
Daniel (rumored)

2010 7lives (filming)

2010 Freerunner (post-production)
Mr. Frank

2010 Age of Heroes (post-production)

2010 The Last Seven
Angel of Death

2010 Dead Cert
Roger Kipling

2010 Devil’s Playground

2010 Basement

2010 Pimp

2010 Just for the Record
Derek La Farge

2010 Comedy Lab (TV series)
Chad (1 episode)

Filth (2010) … Chad

2010 The Rapture

2009 Dead Man Running

2009 Jack Said

2009 Doghouse

2009 Malice in Wonderland

2009 City Rats

2008 Adulthood

2008 Kiss of Death (TV movie)
Matt Costello

2007 The All Together
Dennis Earle

2007 Straightheads

2007 Outlaw
Gene Dekker

2007 Skins (TV series)
Malcolm (2 episodes)

Michelle (2007) … Malcolm

Cassie (2007) … Malcolm

2007 Hotel Babylon (TV series)
Dave Osbourne (1 episode)

Episode #2.2 (2007) … Dave Osbourne

2006 Severance

2006 All in the Game (TV movie)

2006/II The Other Half
Mark Lamanuzzi

2005 Rose and Maloney (TV series)
Danny (1 episode)

Episode #2.1 (2005) … Danny

2005 The Business

2005 The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael
Larry Haydn

2005 M.I.T.: Murder Investigation Team (TV series)
Marc Sharaff (1 episode)

Episode #2.4 (2005) … Marc Sharaff

2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Video Game)
Kent Paul (voice)

2004 The Football Factory
Tommy Johnson

Family Business (TV series)

2004 Free Speech (short)

2003 Second Generation (TV movie)

2003 Wasp (short)

Serious and Organised (TV series)
Darren Evans

2002 Foyle’s War (TV series)
Tony Lucciano (1 episode)

A Lesson in Murder (2002) … Tony Lucciano

2002 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Video Game)
‘Kent’ Paul (voice)

2002 Dead Casual (TV movie)

2001 Mean Machine
Billy the Limpet

2001 High Heels and Low Lifes

2001 Goodbye Charlie Bright

2001 Is Harry on the Boat? (TV movie)

2000 Greenfingers

2000 Borstal Boy
Charlie Milwall

1999 The Trench
Lance Cpl. Victor Dell

1999 Human Traffic

1997 Soldier Soldier (TV series)
Gary Fox (2 episodes)

Sounds of War (1997) … Gary Fox

Line of Departure (1997) … Gary Fox

1997 Highlander (TV series)
Andrew Baines (1 episode)

Avatar (1997) … Andrew Baines

1997 Ain’t Misbehavin’ (TV mini-series)
Young Ronnie (3 episodes)

Episode #1.3 (1997) … Young Ronnie

Episode #1.2 (1997) … Young Ronnie

Episode #1.1 (1997) … Young Ronnie

1997 Bramwell (TV mini-series)
Danny (1 episode)

Episode #3.3 (1997) … Danny

1996 The Bill (TV series)
Gavin / Gavin Parker (2 episodes)

Merrily on High (1996) … Gavin

Home Truths (1996) … Gavin Parker

1996 Thief Takers (TV series)
Alex Peters (1 episode)

The Outcasts (1996) … Alex Peters

1996 Ruth Rendell Mysteries (TV series)
Tom (1 episode)

Heartstones (1996) … Tom

1995 Loved Up (TV movie)

1995 Crown Prosecutor (TV series)
Shane Cassidy (1 episode)

Episode #1.5 (1995) … Shane Cassidy

1995 A Touch of Frost (TV series)
Shaun Everett (1 episode)

Dead Male One (1995) … Shaun Everett

1995 Loving (TV movie)

1994 Cadfael (TV series)
Bran (1 episode)

The Leper of St. Giles (1994) … Bran

1993 Prime Suspect 3 (TV movie)
Martin Fletcher

The Ward (TV series)
Tony (1 episode)

Episode #1.8 … Tony

So, there it is, or is it?  Well, there are a couple of films missing from the complete list, but, as we always say: “If we can’t wet your appetite where movies are concerned, we can certainly get you juiced up for seconds”.  Thanks for chosing Danny Dyer’s filmography, and if you wish to comment on any of our material here on The Network’s DVD Archive, then please do so.  Oh, and don’t forget to Rate.  Thanks for reading.

© The DVD Archive/GWN.2010

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